Gift Vouchers

A Gift Voucher buys a hands-on instructional flight in a two-seater glider with dual controls and membership of the Club for one month.

Aerotow launch trial flight behind a light aircraft to over 2000′ for a flight lasting about 20 minutes.

Vouchers also include one month full membership commencing on the date of the first flight, additional flights taken during this period will be charged at normal flying member rates

Where the club is unable to carry out aerotow launches on any particular date then the voucher holder will be offered the alternative of winch launch (in this case a 2nd flight will be offered where the 1st flight is less than 10 minutes duration)The flight will last anything up to about 30 minutes depending on weather conditions on the day.

An information pack (the Club, gliding, how to find us etc.) is sent with the Gift Voucher.


Virtually anyone who is able to learn to drive a car can learn to fly a glider. Gliders are limited in the height and weight of people they can carry – no more than 1.95m (6ft 5in) and 102kg (16 stones).
The Club reserve the right not to fly anyone outside these limits.
Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. If the voucher is for a birthday or special occasion please let us know the date and we will issue the voucher from that date.