Community Amateur Sport Club

Staffordshire Gliding Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club. If you are on state benefits or have a modest income you may still be able to join the club and take part in all our activities via our Affordable Gliding Scheme. Gliding is one of the least expensive forms of aviation, mainly because all our members contribute their time for free and help out with the day to day jobs that enable the club to operate. We have no paid staff and even our team of skilled instructors work for free.

If you qualify, the Affordable Gliding Scheme will allow you to pay the clubs annual membership fee in twelve monthly instalments of £38.00. You will then be able to pay for any flying costs on the day they are incurred, so spreading the costs. You will also receive a contribution from the club of ten free winch launches worth £90, though you will still have to pay for the flying time (50 pence a minute) Don’t forget that instruction is provided for free! After you have used up the ten free launches you can still take more at the normal club rate of £9 per launch plus flying time as before.

If you think you may qualify, contact the club via our e mail address with Affordable Gliding Scheme in the title box.