Membership fees

The membership fee is payable annually on the 1st April each year. Members joining part-way through the membership year pay an amount proportionate to the months remaining. The club does not charge a joining fee.

Fees valid from 1st April 2024

Membership CategoryYear
Full Membership£456
Family (husband/wife/partner of a member)£420
Country (living more than 60 miles away)£420
Student (18 – 25 in full time education)£228
Junior (under 18)£114
Associate (non-flying)£30

Flying fees

 Full MembersJunior / Students
Winch Launch£9.00£6.75
Aerotow Launch (2 Seater 2000ft)£36.00£36.00
Aerotow Launch (Single Seater 2000ft)£34.00£34.00
Aerotow Launch Additional 100ft£1.00£1.00
Twin Astir minutes (First 2 hours only)£0.52£0.40
ASK13 minutes (First 2 hours only)£0.47£0.36
Single Astir minutes (First 2 hours only)£0.42£0.32
K8 minutes K8 (First 2 hours only)£0.32£0.32
SLMG G-CHFL SF25C – £6.00 plus£88/hr£88/hr