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Weekend report and forecast

Hi All,

Well – the season is in full swing. Worries about snowy and muddy airfields are behind us (hopefully), and lots of soaring, training, flying new gliders, and eating and drinking together is going on. Come and join us! Remember, we fly both days at the weekends, plus Wednesdays. In the summer, we have regular flying weeks; there is one coming up next week.

Severn estuary on Sunday on a flight out of Seighford

Grid on Saturday

For up-to-the-minute information of whats going on – take a look at the club diary.

Next weekend – don’t be too put off by the forecasts. It’s an Easterley, which is often not that good for soaring, as the air comes from a fairly stable and moist direction. However, we are on the West side of the country, so if it is going to be drier, it’ll be here. I reckon it’ll be a little soarable, breezy and sunny for much of the time.


weather for the weekend

Weather for the next few days looks quite nice, including Saturday and Sunday. Saturday looks the best day, with more cumulus, Saturday might have shallow cus, but still looks like quite a nice day, especially in the afternoon.

Both good days for hanging around the airfield of flying further afield.


Forecast for the week

Wednesday looks like a nice ridge between two sets of fronts, so I reckon it’ll be nice and thermic earlier on, perhaps with increasing cloud as the day wears on.

Saturday looks pretty unstable and showery, as does Sunday, but at this range, it’s difficult to be sure. As ever, instability is good for thermals, and if there is sun on the ground at this time of year, it’s likely you will be able to stay up, even if that is until the next shower comes along!


Sun, Soaring and Sausages

Barbecues, Land-outs, good fun flying and friends sharing a beer marked this bank holiday weekend at the Staffordshire Gliding club. Really nice to see lots of activity and folk enjoying themselves.

Come along and enjoy the fun!




Forecast for the week

Don’t write Wednesday off! There is, in essence a cold front going through in the morning, so it’s likely that you will wake up to rain and not bother going down the club. However, cold fronts are good news for glider pilots in that they provide unstable air behind them. It might be a bit showery and blustery as the front goes through, but a ridge of high pressure builds after it, so there may well be some nice afternoon thermals with wind dying down to be had.

The weekend looks nice and bright at the moment, some lingering fronts on Saturday, but I think it’ll be soarable – they are decaying on the charts. Sunday looks bright as well, but I can’t be utterly sure at this range.

See you at the club!


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