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My Libelle for Sale

I know this is slightly cheeky, but I wonder if anyone is interested in my Libelle that I have just refurbished. It’d be nice to keep it in the club, but I already have someone enquiring about it, so I thought I’d better see if anyone is interested locally. Here are some pics – It’d be around the £10500 mark with the instruments fitted including colibri logger, FLARM, a trailer that tows really well etc.

img_0488 img_0490 img_0493 img_0494

Millfield Report

A group of Pilots from Staffs made the trip to the Borders GC at Millfield a couple of weeks ago. They had a fantastic time, flying in wave and ridge over quite a few days. No more to report – here are some pics from the trip supplied by Pauline and Nigel Frost.

20161021_155433 20161017_121743 20161021_155140 img_0108 img_0110 img_0136


Autumn soaring

All, I have paid the bill now, so we are back on line! This from Paul Cooper about last weekend:

LLT was given a number of runs to the other side of Newport and back in no time at all thanks to a convenient cloud street, many others enjoyed autumn soaring and a thanks to Barney for a long road trip north to be duty dog tug pilot. 


1st September report

Lots of soaring and happy faces today on the field. Thanks to Ian and Steve for instructing and running the field and the many willing helpers towing, winching and retrieving. What a fine way to spend a Thursday!


John ready to attack the enemy!


Our treasurer wondering where this LS4 is dragging him, and where it might all end!


Getting away. The advantage with being low is that the scenery is far prettier. Paul didn’t seem to appreciate this advantage as we approached Corvedale below 1500′ pointing out the old grain windmill on the ridge…. I must admit thinking that we may have blown it; I was trying to play down the situation!


2 Seater competition report

As previously reported, Nick took his Janus C and Al Gillson the Twin 1 from Sleap to Pock for the comp last week. We had reasonable weather with both the Janus and the Twin in wave to 11000 on the first day, and some reasonable cross country conditions on other days. Thanks to the support, flying skills and company of Pauline, Tony, Al and Sal and family, Nick, Nigel, Bill, Paul Whitters and Rob. The Fox family had a great time. Heres to next year!

20160826_123334_011 20160826_140005 IMG_1318 20160826_114214 IMG_1343 IMG_3890 IMG_3901 IMG_3915 IMG_3923 IMG_3925

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