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Weather for the week ahead

Glorious, sunny weather for getting back into the swing of flying for the week ahead, but there are some caveats (as usual in this country). Wednesday sees high pressure pushing in from the East, which is unusual, bringing strongish Southerly… Read More »

Flying this summer at SGC

Despite the obvious terrible weather, flying and training has continued throughout winter at the Staffordshire Gliding Club and there has been much achieved. Some have enjoyed soaring flights where there is a ridge or some wave to sustain flight, but… Read More »

Wave after the drizzle 

Great day at the club today. Starting off grey and drizzling, the sky opened up to reveal the sun, thermals and wave. As the tug is back online, several took advantage of the opportunity to take a high tow to… Read More »

Soaring in 2017!

A nice day on Wednesday with a soft but useable airfield and some thermals! Our duty instructor Ian Carrick managed to climb to well above the winch launch, scoring the longest flight of the day. The season has started!Read More »

Today Weds 14th at SGC

A good turnout on a misty December day marred initially with poor viz and fogged canopy’s, we enjoyed several aerotows thanks to Paul   and some  good winch launches, later in the day we found some weak wave to extend… Read More »

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