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Friends and Family day - Saturday July 1st

As usual this is a fantastic opportunity to share the joy of flying with your family and friends at club rates, with only a small nominal £5-day membership fee (per person) to cover insurance. This is a cost effective way… Read More »

Flying tomorrow - Easter Monday

There will be flying on at Seighford tomorrow with Nick on duty. It should be soarable after the cloud dissipates from the occluded front which will go through by lunchtime. MikeRead More »

Soaring in 2017!

A nice day on Wednesday with a soft but useable airfield and some thermals! Our duty instructor Ian Carrick managed to climb to well above the winch launch, scoring the longest flight of the day. The season has started!Read More »

Today Weds 14th at SGC

A good turnout on a misty December day marred initially with poor viz and fogged canopy’s, we enjoyed several aerotows thanks to Paul   and some  good winch launches, later in the day we found some weak wave to extend… Read More »

Christmas gathering at Staffordshire gliding club 2017

Dear all Christmas time is slowly but surely creeping upon us and everyone is getting ready for the most important part of the year. Bargains and price cuts, presents and snow, all that forms a proper Christmas, as well as… Read More »

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