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Three £1,500 bursaries to assist 'solo standard' young pilots to complete their PPL training

The Armstrong-Isaacs Trust has long been an important part of the Light Aircraft Association and, before that Popular Flying Association, support for younger aviators. For much of the past two decades, the Trust has offered individual scholarships to young pilots… Read More »

Wave after the drizzle 

Great day at the club today. Starting off grey and drizzling, the sky opened up to reveal the sun, thermals and wave. As the tug is back online, several took advantage of the opportunity to take a high tow to… Read More »

Student Bookings - one at a time please

Please note that ONLY ONE TRAINING SESSION should be booked in advance for normal flying days (ie Weekends and Wednesdays.) This is to allow all members equal opportunities to book sessions with the duty instructors. It is also important to… Read More »